Beans are good for your body, they are veggies after all! The US Department of Agriculture classifies beans under the vegetable food group, thanks to their high nutrient content and because they are excellent sources of dietary fiber.[1]
Beans, at the same time, are also considered by the USDA as part of the protein food group. They’re great sources of plant protein and can be similar to meats, poultry, and fish in their contribution of certain nutrients.[2]
Every serving of beans delivers these good-for-you nutrients and benefits: Beans are packed with fiber,[3] just like green leafy veggies! This plant-based nutrient is great at improving digestive health, helps control cholesterol and blood sugar levels, and aids in achieving healthy weight.
Beans are also a good source of protein.[4] That means beans can help build the muscles and maintain the tissues of your body.
Beans strengthen the body in many more ways.[5] They contain manganese that’s good for bone health[6], vitamin B1 for energy[7], iron for immunity, and folate for the heart.
And here’s more good news: Hunt’s Pork and Beans made your beans even more delicious!
Every 175-gram can of Hunt’s Pork and Beans is equivalent to the dietary fiber found in:
450 grams of broccoli
400 grams of carrots
600 grams of squash
870 grams of pechay
1750 grams of sayote
Not only is every can fiber-rich, it also has protein enough to meet the daily dietary requirement of protein that your kids need.
As if that’s not enough, because of its tomato-based sauce, Hunt’s Pork and Beans also has lycopene. This plant nutrient with antioxidant properties is known to be good for the brain, keeps your eyes and bones strong and healthy, improves heart health, and helps prevent cancer.[8]
Now, this is what we call veggie yummy, veggie good! Have a Hunt’s Pork and Beans today!