Chef Ed Bugia creates Superstar Meals Every Day

August 19, 2014

Pino Restaurant's Chef Ed Bugia created Superstar Meals with Hunt's Sauces!

New year, new eats

 This 2014, Yummy Hunt’s teamed up with Pino and Pipino restaurants’ chef and owner Ed Bugia to create a new set of delectable dishes for Supermoms and their families. Chef Bugia, with his positive and adventurous outlook in life and food, created recipes that embody his philosophy of always putting a smile on an eater’s face. Combining themes from Pino and Pipino, Chef Bugia’s recipes consist of Filipino comfort food and delicious vegan dishes that complement a wider palate, which will make little kids and hard-core foodies’ stomachs, grumble!

A closer look

Chef Ed created superstar recipes ranging from Filipino favorites such as Hunt’s Superstar Chicken Menudo and Pata Caldereta, to Chinese and American classics such as Hunt’s Superstar Sweet Chili Garlic Canton and Grilled Cajun Chicken. He also introduced his own signature vegetarian dishes such as Hunt’s Superstar Vegetable Casserole and Tomato Fried Rice to encourage Supermoms to cook healthy meals for their families.


Happier meals with Yummy Hunts

 Celebrate every meal with Yummy Hunt’s and Chef Bugia’s signature recipes for every occasion: from school baons, office parties, birthdays to Christmas reunions. Gift your family and friends with new superstar meal experiences that would surely leave their tummies and hearts happy.



Chef Ed has a variety of restaurants, but he is most notable restos are Pino & Pipino (a blend of healthy & hearty). Pino – specializes in Filipino comfort food, while Pipino – specializes in healthy but delicious vegan food.

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