Introducing Hunt's New Products: Chili Beef & Beans and Pork BBQ and Beans

November 27, 2012

Craving for something new and exciting? Look no further and try the cool and savory flavors of Hunt’s that comes in the handy 100g pouch for only PHP 12.50(SRP)!

If you are looking for the fiery kick of Chili on your rice, chips or even hotdog sandwich, grab a pack of Hunt’s Chili Beef & Beans.  It’s packed with the meaty goodness of ground beef and beans infused in a Mexican-Chili Sauce that will surely make you ask for more.

If you are craving for the heavenly goodness of barbecue, try the new Hunt’s Pork BBQ & Beans.  It’s made perfect with real pork and beans in a sweet-smoky, spicy barbecue sauce for extra goodness. 

It’s a whole lot of goodness in just one pack! Now available in your leading supermarkets and groceries!