Jean Garcia's Top 10 Recipes

May 30, 2012

Check out the top 10 Hunt's dishes that made it to Jean Garcia's hit list!

"Life's too short to be unhappy," as a mom's motto would go. This is why like most moms, Jean Garcia wants each day and each meal to be a special occasion. So together with Hunt's, Jean Garcia picks her 10 favorite quick and easy Yummy Hunt's recipes.

Click on the recipes to view the ingredients and procedure:

hunts-breakfast-pizza.png hunts-ginataang-menudo
hunts-cheesy-chicken-caldereta hunts-tuna-spaghetti
hunts-sausage-and-ham-paella hunts-sweet-and-sour-pineapple-pork
hunts-tomato-chicken-curry hunts-ekonomiyaki
hunts-beef-enchiladas hunts-pan-fried-tilapia-pesto-gratin


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