Yummy Hunt's Kitchen Superstar 2014

July 7, 2014

Hunt's Kitchen Superstar Press Launch

Last April 23, 2014, Yummy Hunt's surprised food lovers, bloggers, and media correspondents with their Superstar Meals at the Hunt's Kitchen Superstar Press Launch held at FAB Restaurant, Holiday Inn Manila Galleria.

The event highlighted Hunt’s delicious sauce products with the help of hosts (DJ Delamar and Gino Dela Peña) and a friendly cooking competition between selected event-goers.

Opening words of Business Unit General Manager for Joint Ventures (Nissin-URC & Hunt’s-URC) Marcia Gokongwei started the event. Her message zeroed-in about Hunt's Sauces and their goal to help moms become Supermoms every day through the launch of Hunt’s Sauces webisodes. 

Hunt’s Kitchen Superstar webisodes will further help moms become kitchen divas with simple yet exciting recipes made special with Hunt’s. The webisodes each last just a minute and half and shows how easy it is for anyone to be a kitchen superstar with Hunt's Tomato and Spaghetti Sauces. Hosted by Inez Bernardo, a home-cook mom, the series aims to assist them in preparing creative and delicious Hunt’s-based dishes that are simply superb.

 “We can guarantee that with Hunt’s Tomato and Spaghetti Sauces, being a kitchen superstar is a reality for today’s modern moms because these products help them prepare superstar meals every day,” said Ms. Marcia Y. Gokongwei.

After the introduction about Hunt's Sauces, host DJ Delamar then gave a step-by-step cooking demonstration to event attendees by using the Yummy Hunt's Pork Estufado recipe.

The event transitioned to a friendly "Masterchef" style competition between event attendees, whose main goal was to make a Yummy Hunt's dish using the ingredient concealed in a Yummy Hunt's mystery box. Attendees were grouped and tried their hands in creating beautiful dishes using the ingredients prepared for them, a small kitchen station and the Yummy Hunt's recipe cards.

The hosts and event attendees enjoyed the fruits of their cooking by tasting the superstar dishes made special with Hunt’s. They also enjoyed a day of delicious food, cooking and most of all, eating!

Whip up your own superstar culinary creations and don’t miss the Hunt’s Kitchen Superstar webisodes. Like www.facebook.com/YummyHuntsPH or visit www.yummyhunts.com to get yummy updates from Hunt’s Sauces.