2 Tbsp corn oil
1 Tbsp sliced garlic
1 Tbsp sliced onion
2 Tbsp sliced ginger
1 whole chicken, cut into small pcs
½ cup soy sauce
¼ cup rice wine (optional) or brandy
1 Tbsp five spice powder
  tsp chili powder
½ cup sugar
½ tsp salt
tsp fish sauce
6 cups water
1 pack Hunt's Pork & Beans 230g


  1. Heat oil in a pot, then saute garlic, onion, and ginger. Add chicken and soy sauce.
  2. Add rice wine and all other ingredients.
  3. Simmer for 30 minutes over medium heat. Add Hunt's Pork & Beans before serving.

Tip: Use a deep pot that will completely soak the chicken in sauce.

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